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PixRecovery will try to repair damaged and corrupted image files
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Each image file from my collection holds a different meaning and importance. While some image files won’t matter at all, there are also images that are very important for me and the thought of losing them can really upset me. The best solution is to back up these important pictures, but if it’s too late for that and some of them already got corrupted, a last resort solution is still available and its name is PixRecovery.

PixRecovery is able to repair damaged and corrupted image files. It won’t scan your drives for lost and accidentally deleted photos in an attempt to recover them once they are found. It will only fix broken photos that are still available on your disks. Another thing you should keep in mind about the limitations of this program is that it can fix only JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG or RAW images of specific types and versions (such as standard BMP, JPEG, PNG and TIFF, GIF87a and GIF89a, etc.). For example, progressive JPEG files can’t be fixed. Though knowing about these limitations might be a bit discouraging, this application is still worth trying if you need to repair broken image files. It still has a lot of good parts, such as the wizard-like interface that guides you through every step of the image file fixing process.

I also like that it provides comprehensive data about the processed image files. It will let you know the quality and the dimensions of those pictures, as well as a “recoverability assessment” value that helps you get an idea of what are the chances of successful recovery for each and every broken image file. Moreover, the fixed images can be saved to a different file format than their original one.

In conclusion, though it may have its limits, this image file fixing application can help in situations when you think that you lost all hope.

Rory Shaffer
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Review summary


  • Wizard-like interface
  • Can save the repaired images to a different format
  • Supports fixing RAW images among other formats
  • Provides a "recoverability assessment" that evaluates the chances of successful recovery


  • Can't fix progressive JPEG files
  • Can't recover lost or accidentally deleted image files
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